Bobroff Consulting, Inc. provides business consulting services to the investment management industry and/or Boards of investment companies. Services are custom-tailored to meet each client's specific goals and needs, and designed to assist in improving the profitability and/or viability of the activity. Attention also is focused on the procedures and process involving traditional compliance areas as well as developing and implementing the methodology surrounding contract renewal efforts pursuant to Sections 15(c) and 36. Emphasis for Boards is placed on contract renewal; product line reviews; assessment of the investment performance against benchmarks; in addition to compliance by the manager and/or sub-advisors with the stated policies and procedures. Most recently, many of the assignments are designed to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities under Section 15(c), as well as in benchmarking either transfer agency activities or other services provided by affiliates. Emphasis for management companies is placed on strategic planning, product design, product pricing and working with management or the Board to assist in approving initial or modification to management fees, distribution/service fees or sales loads.

“The difficulty that the industry is facing, having gone through two bear markets in a 10-year period, is how to rationalize their investment products, positioning themselves for the future. At this time, the future is unclear, but it is imperative that we do this.”

--Geoffrey H. Bobroff
President, Bobroff Consulting, Inc.